St. Patrick   Will Return
 In the Year of the Snake

    With the support of the Moscow City Government, the traditional St. Patrick's Parade shall take place on 18 March 2001.
     Each year the parade has been a spectacular event for promoting Commerce, Culture and Friendship with old friends and some you haven't met yet. We wish to invite you to join us for this celebration. Should you wish to include your float along with many others or to provide sponsorship in some form please make contact with the Co-ordinators as soon as possible.
     The parade will take its traditional route down Novy Arbat Street. Watch out for other press releases and information about assembly times or contact the Parade Co-ordinators. Contact details as follows:
Parade Co-ordinators:

John Henry Duffy
Tel: 89017386375
Fax: 9613550

Julia Novish
Tel: 7559700
Fax: 7559858



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